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plate sample

Japanese License Plate you can make easily in printer (Only need to cut the printed paper)

You can make your original Japanese License Plate.

The scale of the model car supports sizes from 1/5 to 1/99.
(If you printed on high-quality paper, it is also clearly displayed as the sample image at 1/87 size above.)


1. Generate a sample image

Select display items you want to create (Type of license plate, Tamper-proof seal, Bolts, Hiragana, Vehicle Class number, Identification number, Regional marking, etc), and click the "generate image" button at the bottom of the sample image, you will see the sample image.

Type of Japanese License Plate
Private vehicle License Plate
Commercial vehicle License Plate
Private vehicle (kei car) License Plate
Commercial vehicle (kei car) License Plate

License plate (media type), it is used in vehicles (above 660cc).

Real size is 330X165mm.

License plate (media type), it is used in Japan's lightweight vehicles (below 660cc) called "kei car". Real size is 330X165mm.

Private vehicle
(kei car
1974 previous)
Commercial vehicle
(kei car
1974 previous)
Private motorcycle
(above 251cc)
Commercial motorcycle
(above 251cc)
Private vehicle (kei car) Old License Plate
Commercial vehicle (kei car) Old License Plate
Private Motorcycle License Plate
Commercial Motorcycle License Plate

License plate (small type), It is used at 1974 previous in vehicles (below 360cc) called "kei car". Real size is 230X125mm

License plate (small type), it is used in motorcycles (above 250cc).

Real size is 230X125mm.

Irradiated type
(for private vehicle)
Irradiated type
(for large vehicle)
Private large vehicle License Plate
Commercial large vehicle License Plate
Irradiated type License Plate
Large vehicle Irradiated type License Plate
License plate (large type), it is used in large buses and heavy trucks・
Real size is 440X220mm.
Character portion shines at night lighting
Display items
Tamper-proof seal
Insurance label (For Motorcycle)
Motorcycle regional marking
Vehicle Class number Set the start number to "" for 2 digits setting
Hiragana (Japanese syllabary characters)
Identification number If you set the 4-digit will hyphen is added
  - [ ]
  5 digit of the number is for "Initial D" type License Plate.
frame Frame (Dress-up Option)
Sample Image
numberplate sample


Regional marking
Prefecture Current markings Transliteration Former markings
Hokkaidō asahikawa Asahikawa hakodate2
hakodate Hakodate hakodate2
kitami Kitami kitami2
kushiro Kushiro kushiro2
muroran Muroran muroran2
obihiro Obihiro obihiro2
sapporo Sapporo sapporo2
Aomori aomori Aomori aomori2
hachinohe Hachinohe    
Akita akita Akita akita2
Iwate iwate Iwate iwate2
hiraizumi Hiraizumi    
morioka Morioka    
Yamagata shonai Shōnai    
yamagata Yamagata    
Miyagi miyagi Miyagi miyagi2
sendai Sendai    
Fukushima fukushima Fukushima    
aizu Aizu    
koriyama Kōriyama    
iwaki Iwaki    
Tochigi tochigi Tochigi tochigi2
tochigi3 Tochigi    
utsunomiya Utsunomiya    
nasu Nasu    
Ibaraki ibaraki Ibaraki ibaraki2
mito Mito    
tsuchiura Tsuchiura    
tsukuba Tsukuba    
Chiba chiba Chiba chiba2
narita Narita    
narashino Narashino    
noda Noda    
kashiwa Kashiwa    
sodegaura Sodegaura    
Saitama saitama Saitama saitama2
kasukabe Kasukabe    
koshigaya Koshigaya    
kumagaya Kumagaya    
omiya Ōmiya    
kawaguchi Kawaguchi    
tokorozawa Tokorozawa    
kawagoe Kawagoe    
Tokyo     Tokyo tokyo
adachi Adachi adachi2
hachioji Hachiōji    
tama Tama tama2
nerima Nerima nerima2
suginami Suginami    
shinagawa Shinagawa shinagawa2
setagaya Setagaya    
Kanagawa     Kanagawa kanagawa
sagami Sagami    
shonan Shōnan    
kawasaki Kawasaki    
yokohama Yokohama    
Gunma gunma Gunma gunma2
maebashi Maebashi    
takasaki Takasaki    
Yamanashi yamanashi Yamanashi    
fujisan Fujisan    
Niigata nagaoka Nagaoka    
niigata Niigata niigata2
Toyama toyama Toyama toyama2
Ishikawa ishikawa Ishikawa ishikawa
kanagawa Kanazawa    
Fukui fukui Fukui    
Nagano matsumoto Matsumoto    
suwa Suwa    
nagano Nagano nagano2
Shizuoka hamamatsu Hamamatsu    
numazu Numazu    
izu Izu    
shizuoka Shizuoka shizuoka2
Aichi owarikomaki Owari-Komaki    
ichinomiya Ichinomiya    
kasugai Kasugai    
nagoya Nagoya aichiAichi
toyohashi Toyohashi    
mikawa Mikawa    
okazaki Okazaki    
toyota Toyota    
Gifu gifu Gifu gifu2
hida Hida    
Mie mie Mie mie2
suzuka Suzuka    
Shiga shiga Shiga shiga2
Nara nara Nara nara2
Kyoto kyoto Kyōto kyoto2
Osaka izumi Izumi izumi2
sakai Sakai    
osaka Ōsaka osaka2
naniwa Naniwa    
Wakayama wakayama Wakayama wakayama2
Hyōgo himeji Himeji    
kobe Kōbe hyogo
Tottori tottori Tottori tottori2
Okayama okayama Okayama okayama2
kurashiki Kurashiki    
Shimane shimane Shimane shimane2
Hiroshima fukuyama Fukuyama    
hiroshima Hiroshima hiroshima2
Yamaguchi yamaguchi Yamaguchi yamaguchi2
shimonoseki Shimonoseki    
Kagawa kagawa Kagawa kagawa2
Ehime ehime Ehime ehime2
Tokushima tokushima Tokushima tokushima2
Kōchi kochi Kōchi kochi2
Fukuoka fukuoka Fukuoka fukuoka2
chikuho Chikuhō    
kitakyushu Kitakyushu    
kurume Kurume    
Nagasaki nagasaki Nagasaki    
sasebo Sasebo    
Saga saga Saga saga2
Kumamoto kumamoto Kumamoto kumamoto2
Miyazaki miyazaki Miyazaki    
Ōita oita Ōita oita2
Kagoshima kagoshima Kagoshima kagoshima
amami Amami    
Okinawa okinawa Okinawa okinawa2


2.Download the image file and print

About Image file
License plate image it can be downloaded as an image file. .Image file (PDF format) is what it was arranging a plurality of license plate image of a specific scale, as shown in the following sample file image. Please enter a number in the "PRINT SIZE SCALE" column below the sample image. 1/5 from 1/99 you can be set. If you use 1/36 set 36. Large scale than 1/5 can not be set.


Creating and download image files
Create the sample image, and please check the sample image. Then Please click on the "Download" button at the bottom of the sample image. Under the button "Please download the file by clicking on the link of the image file. → image file" will display. When you click the "image file" link, image file is downloaded to your personal computer. There is also a case where the image file is automatically open, please save page (image file) to your computer.


Sample 1 of the image file to be created
sample file1
Sample 2 of the image file to be created
sample file2
(Image file will be displayed when you click)

Preparation of printing paper
Please prepare the A4 size of photo paper (thick coated paper) as printing paper. It should be noted that because it is very is bent or to handling after it cut out when you print on thin paper, please be sure to use a thick paper. You can not cleanly printed on plain paper, but if you try printing, etc. for the practice of cut does not matter on plain paper.


Printing of image file
Please use the ink-jet printer of a typical household. Print the downloaded image file in the printer. Print settings is in the "photo printing", in no enlargement or no reductio, paper size "A4", the printing of direction "vertical". Print quality is the most important. Please change the setting of the most high quality without the "standard".


Cut image
Cut the license plate portion from the printed paper. In the case of small images, such as 1/64, it may not be able to work in one times. Until you will be able to successfully, please try several times.


Attachment to the miniature car
Paste the license plate paper to a miniature car. I think that it may be easy to remove later, Please be fixed with glue for paper.
Since there is no three-dimensional thickness, it might be somewhat unsatisfactory by the large scale miniature cars.


I can not be held responsible for any trouble caused by using this license plate image



If you have any special needs, please contact me at the bulletin board. (Bulletin board is a Japanese page, but it does not matter written in English.)